Just a Taste of Cukoldness

After my summer experience with my stripper GF I had gotten a small taste of what life would be like for me over the next 20 or so years.

After our fun the next month it was time to go back to college. My roommate and I rode up together and my GF and her friend who actually didn’t even know she was stripping came up later in the evening. College was about an hour and a half away so it gave my roommate time to get settled and head to meetings (we were on the college athletic team at the time..can’t say which).

The girls got a hotel room and her friend got sick and decided to stay at the hotel while my GF hung out at the dorm rooms with us. She was dressed in her usual slutty clothing of heels a short skirt and a tube top. I still have no idea why but the site of her dressed like that….didn’t make me want to fuck her. It made me want to WATCH her get fucked. Why in the world do I feel this way is what I kept asking myself. But I didn’t fight it. While laying in bunk beds watching tv I again talked her into seducing my roommate to fuck. I made an excuse that I’d casually leave to do laundry and that I’d go back and check on her friend at the hotel. Keep in mind there’s no cell phones at the time so I’d have no way to interrupt. This time it didn’t take much prodding as she was semi eager to do it.

I left the room and walked around a lil bit to give them time to gel. When I came back I stuck my head at the bottom of the door to see what I could see underneath. Yeah I was THAT pathetic about it. All I could make out was her on her knees and body moving up and down as she appeared to be sucking his dick. I wanted to jerk off RIGHT there in the hallway but a couple teammates of mine came strolling up and asked “What the fuck are you doing dude?” After coming up with some lame excuse and the commotion outside causing them to stop I went back inside.

It was obvious they kinda wanted to keep what they had going. But at this point there was no way for me to just watch them fuck. So I started playing with her tits and pulled them out of her tube top and sucked on him. My roommate watched for a minute and I made a motion for him to come on over. It was my first threesome and we awkwardly fucked her on the bottom bunk of the beds. Taking turns fucking her doggiestyle while she sucked on the other. I came inside her fucking her from behind and she eagerly told him to cum in her mouth which he did about five seconds after hearing it.

Amazingly enough my roommate and I NEVER spoke of what happened the entire season. I still wonder who else on the team knew but I didn’t care. I would have had her fuck the whole team if I had gotten my way. But it clinched my appetite and I knew I had to have this in every relationship I had. I just didn’t know how in depth it would get later in life!